Kristen Clegg has passionately guided people for ten years into the powerful feeling of recognizing the incredible guidance they have within to create joy in their lives. She has an innate ability to offer powerful questions and new perspectives in a non-intrusive approach as she brings people to an undeniable knowing of the amazing potential they hold in improving their lives. Kristen radiates this dynamic, positive energy in her interactions and truly rejoices as others find it within themselves!

Karen CleggKristen Clegg has worked for twelve years in the field of education as a classroom teacher, presenter, consultant, and coach for educators across the nation. Kristen's successful personal practice of directing thoughts has empowered her in her ability to teach others very practical ways to improve their thinking and move in a direction of identifying and creating their true desires in life. Kristen brings together a unique combination of facilitating motivational deep learning experiences, with a very practical approach that can be easily implemented into everyday life. Kristen holds a M.A. in Curriculum, is a Nationally Certified Teacher and has in-depth experience in coaching, including leading "train the trainer" workshops. Throughout her career, she has also taught workshops on how to create joy in your life.


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